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(#415) Bill W (Bedford Hills, NY)
June 1954 in Akron, OH  EVENT: Founders Day  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

From the Area 16 (GA) archives - Reel to Reel. Recorded originally by Paul L (AFG) of Louisville KY. Intro by Paul included on this recording. I do not know if this recording is anywhere else on the net.

Paul indicates he was the only one recording at the event. 19 years after Bill and Bob met, this talk covers the events of that meeting in some detail. Bill says he met Henrietta on Mother's Day but it was Saturday the day before.

Also he tells the story of Dr. Bob and the potted plant and Bob being under the table. Smitty (Dr, Bob's son) says that part never happened. They always helped the good doctor upstairs to his room where he would pass out. Smitty said it took he and his sister both to get Bob to bed.

Nell Wing and Ruth Hock (Bill's secretaries at different times) commented on how Bill did not bother too much with the accuracy of dates or numbers. This is a very good addition to the collection of Bill's talks and adds some details not easily found elsewhere. (From a reel-to-reel stored at the Area 16 Georgia Archives)

(1 hr 17 min) (17.6 MB) (id#415)