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(#367) Bill W (Bedford Hills, NY)
7/14/1951 in South Carolina  EVENT: The Birth and Publication of the Big Book  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

The Birth and Publication of the Big Book as remembered by its principle author: This is a wire recording of Bill Wilson speaking to a gathering in South Carolina in 1951. It is not as well known as the talk done on the same topic in 1954 in Ft. Worth TX. There are aspects of the story covered here that were not included in the talk in Ft. Worth. A wire recording uses a magnetized spool of metal thread and served as the recoding media on one of the earliest Dictaphones. Another historic figure - George Hood of Detroit - used wire recordings to capture Anne and Dr. Bob as well as to send updates to Bill Wilson about George's business trips around the country. On these trips he went to many AA functions. During the 1940's this was likely a key source of information convincing Bill of the need for the Traditions. One of his recordings will be uploaded soon to WeJoy.

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