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(#124) Bill C. (Rodondo Beach, CA)
5/15-16/1999 in Lake Arrowhead, CA  EVENT: 10th Mountain High Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Grew up in AA but doesn't advise it. Dad has 45 years in AA and mom near the same in Al-Anon. Got drunk and blacked out the first time he drank at 14. Mom and dad open the bathroom door to see him sitting on the toilet with a trash can between his legs. Mom aghast and dad laughing hysterically both saying in their own way, "Oh my God, it begins." Many mental institutions, psychiatrists and failed marriages later, he hit bottom. In the last institution they made him where a cardboard sign around his neck that read, "I am not a counselor." AA is not therapy. It is not a self-help program. I can identify with the message but the solution lays in the realm of the spirit. "If I drink hard enough and long enough, and hard enough I will lose my soul." Identifies with the story of Bill W. and Ebby T. (with some historical inaccuracies). Walks through the steps as he took them. Works on his character defects by making amends. I am you. We are all the same. The 12th step is why we are all here. The Oxford group called it "Individual Evangelism". That is what we done one at a time. God send us here sober. We learn how to live that way in AA. Want to know how? Come and ask.

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