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(#59) Bill W. (Bedford Hills, NY)
1954 in Ft. Worth, TX  EVENT: AA Banquet  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

How the Big Book Was Written

This well-known talk took place in Fort Worth, Texas in 1954. The occasion was the 9th annual Texas State Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous, which was held in the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth June 11-13, 1954. Bill spoke Saturday evening, June 12, after the banquet. Were not sure how many attended the event, but normally the Texas State Conference in the 1950s drew at least a thousand people. With Bill scheduled to speak it may have been considerably more. Both the mayor of Fort Worth, Edgar Deen, and the governor of Texas, Allan Shivers, sent letters welcoming Alcoholics Anonymous which were printed in the program.

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