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Big Book 50th Anniversary
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BIG BOOK 50th Anniversary

Three speakers help a large and enthusiastic crowd share their love of the Principle Text of AA published in April 1939.

Ena G of California with 42 years in the Program since February 1946 (which would be 43 years so not sure)

Dr Paul O of Laguna Niguel, CA and author of "Doctor Alcoholic Addict" in the 3rd edition. ("Acceptance Was the Answer" in the 4th Edition).

Paul shares how his article for the Grapevine reluctantly became the Big Book story.

Father Joseph M of Harve de Grace, MD shares last. He is well known for his "Chalk Talk".

What I remember him saying in another talk:

"The best advice I can give you is don't give any advice."


(#2259) Ena G-CA-Dr Paul O-CA- Fr Joseph M-MD Part 1 (CA, MD)
9/30/1989 in Laguna Beach, CA  EVENT: Big Book 50th Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Both, Story, Historical

Preliminaries, Readings and Ena G for 18 min followed by Dr Paul O (part 1)

(1 hr ) (10.3 MB) (id#2259)