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(#383) Beverly R (Ft Worth, TX)
July 1999 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 24th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

A truly delightful talk, Beverly knows how to have fun in Al-Anon since she joined in April 1977. A Ft. Worth native, she is a depression baby whose father was an oil executive. Her alcoholic grew up near her in Ft. Worth. She met him before her puberty. Shortly after, she met her husband and stalked him from the start. She got him which is why she is up there talking. He was several years older than her and a B17 pilot flying in the Gulf - drinking alot. She went to the library to get a book on sex published in 1917 that she studied for four years in preparation and brought it out on her honeymoon to show him how it was to be done. She describes his kamikaze drinking toward the end. She spent many years trying to teach him how to drink. She would follow him in her VW and ram his station wagon if she saw him heading to the bar - it gave her great joy. From a book, she became convinced he had developed mental retardation. Her husband came in April of 1976. She insisted on trying to join AA rather than Al-anon. The women in AA kept her out of AA for one year until she was ready for Al-anon.

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