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(#1554) Betty L (Brooklyn, NY)
10/15/1982 in Albany, NY  EVENT: 29th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober 19 years since April 1963, Betty worked for GSO where she coordinated the 1980 International in New Orleans.

Born in the Bronx of Irish Catholic and neurotic parents who were good people, she has alcoholism on both sides of the family.

Betty drank first at 14 and was a compulsive eater as a child. She drank at every opportunity. After High Scholl she went to business school.

She worked at advertising agencies many years.

By 26 she was totally dependent on alcohol. She lost 7 jobs in a row due to her alcoholism.

She quit work to take care of her mother until she died then she and her dad started drinking together until he was put in a home.

Betty came into AA at age 34 in very poor physical condition - her life was unmanageable.

A co-worker in AA introduced her to the Program.

From Cassette C003-56 of the GSSA Archives

(47 min) (22 MB) (id#1554)