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(#1125) Betty C (Alma, GA)
8/18/1984 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 7th Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Wow! Funny and poignant, her husband Cody, with 10 years sober since 1974, is her qualifier. Apparently, he spoke at the same event.

She explains the insanity of alcohol as it affected her - one time she kicked him out of the house because he was drinking and turned around and took him back because he was drinking.

Raised in Atlanta, she was an only child loved by her father but unwanted by her mother who wanted all her father's attention. Through the program she made amends to her mother as best as she could.

She met Cody - he was in college - she in high school. She chased him until he caught her. Later she tried to give him away and no one would have him. She still has him today.

He wanted to live on the farm but she was from the city. Today they live in town and she doesn't offer to help with the cows and they don't ask her.

Betty's dad taught Cody to drink straight vodka. Cody told Betty he did not hunt, fish or run around. His only hobby was drinking.

Their disease took him to every treatment center in Georgia except Milledgeville (the State Mental Hospital) and it was only her pride that kept him out.

The years were filled with bad checks, plotting ways for him to quit, have a fatal accident or commit suicide.

She started going to Al-Anon and things actually got worse. For 18 months she went to meetings for all the wrong reasons. She did not take the advice but she did keep coming back until a sponsor picked her.

Cody had a near fatal car crash where he spent months recovering and amassig hospital bills they still may never pay off.

Even after all that, it took them a while to embrace recovery as a family.

A classic Al-Anon story especially the day she let people know she was too busy to talk because she was busy killing Cody.

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