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(#2727) Belinda F (Kenner, LA)
6/8/2019 in Metarie, LA  EVENT: Big Deep South Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 10 years since 11/18/2008, she spent time at this event with Mary Thayer (also on WeJoy) and discovered some "new truths" about herself.

She grew up in an alcoholic home and tried for 32 years not to be like him.

But he got sober in AA and was sober 30 years when Belinda finally got recovery.

She blew up two marriages and had many bad things happen to her but that does not make her an alcoholic.

What happens to her when she drinks is what makes her an alcoholic.

Mary Thayer S at Athens, GA 2016

(57 min) (6.6 MB) (id#2727)