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(#229) B J H (Louisburg, NC)
3/16-18/2012 in Southern Pines, NC  EVENT: Freedom From Bondage XXIV  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

B. J. spent over 29 years in prison on a life sentence. He got sober 1/15/1998. He was raised on a tenant farm. None of his immediate family drank. He started stealing things from others' yards so he could drink. He was first incarcerated at age 15. He found out while there that his father committed suicide. B. J. used the event to drink while on emergency leave. Later got a Bachelors Degree while in another prison but was only an "educated crook". First came to AA in prison. There he heard real people talking about real emotions. Started slowly but finally identified with the Doctor's opinion and the stories in the back of the book. His spiritual awakening is an ongoing process happening at this very moment.

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