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(#578) Austin R (Colfax, WI)
9/24/1954 in Augusta, GA  EVENT: 1st Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical


From the Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA) Archives in Macon, GA. There is an introduction about the recording and then the recording. It was on a cassette in the collection. The sound quality is good though not excellent. (GSSA Inventory #CA0017)

This talk is, in my opinion, a classic example of how NOT to give an AA talk.

If it were not for the historical significance of the recording it would not be on WeJoy.

It is over crafted, needlessly flowery and you learn absolutely nothing about the speaker's own personal experience.
I wanted to ask him "but did you drink?"
It also has a small reference that might be considered racial.

I am glad I persevered through it as a classic bad example.
I find I learn from both types.

(59 min) (13.6 MB) (id#578)