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(#1711) Charlie B, Tom H Jerry H (Norcross, Helen and Atlanta, GA)
10/13/1990 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 18th Atlanta Mens Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

The Magic and Power of Our Twelve Steps

Three members share on the topic:

Charlie B, Norcross, GA - Sober 13 years, a quiet drunk, in June 1984, on the wrong side of the road in a blackout, he ran head on into a lady (she was OK). At age 30, filled with fear that life was passing him by, he decided to run away but instead said "God please help me". He ended up in a treatment center in Buford, GA.

Tom B, Helen, GA - Sober 21 years since 1/26/1969, he was never able to stay sober on his own more than two and a half days.
"I am not here to become a spiritual giant or a sweet heart...I am here to stay sober."

Jerry H, Atlanta, GA - Sober 13 years since 6/4/1984, Jerry later became Delegate for Area 16 (Georgia) from 1998-1999.

NOTE: The master recording cut off just before what appears to be the end of Jerry's share on the 12th step.

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