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(#1124) Art F (Bloomington, IL)
5/2-4/1997 in Bloomington, IL  EVENT: 34th BNAA Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical

Although the scheduled called this the 34th Bloomington-Normal AA Roundup, Art did some research and found it was actually the 35th.

The lesson for me is this: Though my past is my greatest asset, I need to be careful when I get attached to the story as if it were truth.

At best it is a reasonable approximation which is a vast improvement over the unreasonable fabrication I had when I came into the Program.

If you are familiar with AA in Bloomington and Normal, IL this may be a gold mine.

If you just love anecdotes about AA recovery this will probably keep you entertained as well.

(34 min) (7.8 MB) (id#1124)