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(#93) Art B. (Tyler, TX)
7/27/1996 in Vicksburg, MS  EVENT: 23rd Vicksburg Fishfry  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Touching and passionate talk. Excited to be in AA, Art came to AA in Cleveland, OH for the 2nd time on 1/30/1975 and never had a drink since.

He feels the Al-anons and Children of Alcoholics are some of the strongest people he knows.

Went to school to become a doctor. Was drinking, flunking out and engaged to two women when he ran away to the navy during WWII.

Did not do well with the rules in the navy. Woke up in jail in California accused of trying to kill a women whose lawn he was watering.

Was offered a discharged from the navy.

Went back to school for medicine. Got kicked out and met his current wife. Had 7 children.

He tried AA but did not like it but stayed dry for 5 years for the kids while active in church.

Then he picked up and in 2 weeks he was back where he left off.

Booze made him a non-participator in his kid's lives. Got violent with his son.

In 1975 a voice told him it was his last day of drinking and then his doctor told him he had to come to AA.

Then the miracles and loving support started. Has had the same female sponsor for 21 years.

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