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(#2766) Arbutus O (Brownwood, TX)
8/5/2000 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 22nd Georgia Al-Anon/Alateen Converntion  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story


First Al-Anon Delegate for Texas, later on the Board of Trustees, 49 years in Al-Anon and pre-Al-Anon for 7 years before that.

Her husband died the year before this talk.

She went through the Steps the first time at age 29.

"I came to find the disintegrated pieces of a personality that was me."

One child was born in the Salvation Army Hospital and later she was on welfare. Her husband lost nearly everything including his left arm in a car accident.

"Hillbillies don't like to be obliged."

The first AA member in 1944 in Texas told her there was no program for her because there was nothing wrong with her.

She became one of the founding members of Al-Anon.

Referring to God she says,

"He knew why I could not trust people."

Speaking of the those who cannot face another day dealing with alcoholism, Alcoholic and those who care for them and the children affected:

"If you fail to carry this message then may God have mercy on those people and may God have mercy on us."

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