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(#2078) Ann G (Salem, VA)
10/21/1989 in Hinton, WV  EVENT: 23rd Bluestone Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Truly delightful.

Married to Emerson G, who spoke at this same event, Ann came into Al-Anon before her husband.

Her efforts to reel him into AA are delightful and insightful.

His bootleggers told him to go elsewhere because she threatened to throw a brick through their window if they sold alcohol to "Em".

At the time of this talk, they had just gotten funding to build a special treatment facility for elderly alcoholics on six acres they bought from their church.

Listen to Emerson sharing at this same event:

Emerson G at Hinton, WV 1989

(58 min) (13.4 MB) (id#2078)