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(#671) Angie P (Cincinnati, OH)
10/23/2011 in Gainesville, GA  EVENT: 58th Georgia Pre-Pay  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober since 6/20/1991, Angie was born in Greenville, SC with a flaming red Afro and freckles from a family of Baptists ministers. Her dad found a girlfriend and left her mom to raise the children. They moved to Cincinnati. Her mother was strong and beautiful. But when Angie was 12 her mother began to show signs of mental illness that later turned into Alzheimer's.

Once Angie took a drink it was no longer necessary for her to go to school or work or be a part of the family. She started drinking, getting out of control and going to jail. She met a man who took her to Vegas where she started a singing career. She had lots of potential but her drinking got her black listed at casinos and living in seedy hotels. She unknowingly was the driver in robbery-murder and was ordered to leave Nevada and never return. Back in Cincinnati she found the wrong people. Pregnant and sentenced 7 to 14 years to the Ohio Reformatory for Women she gave her baby boy to her mom.

She got out when he was four but drank instead of showing up for him. She did not see him until he was ten. Pregnant and in jail again she almost gave that child up for adoption but took her to mom instead and drank again. In desperation a woman in AA reached out to her and took her to her first meeting. She started getting sober with a vengeance.

And then the talk starts getting real interesting ...

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