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(#1741) Amy S (Acworth, GA)
4/28/2017 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Night Owls Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 4 years since 3/12/2013, when she entered the Cobb County DUI Court program, Amy went through a number of marriages, and last names, until she found the man who loved her enough to stay with her and precede her into AA. He even brought her back to life, more than once, using CPR.

Passionate about this Program, Amy was born in Milledgeville, GA. She was defined through much of her life by being born a twin. Instead of seeking connectedness, as many alcoholics do, she was seeking uniqueness.

She worked hard in the restaurant field where she found in abundance, like-minded seekers of altered states of consciousness. She met several husbands there but she could never fix them just right.

Her children were taken from her at one time by two ex-husbands working together. The court finally agreed with them when she received a DUI in her garage. Yes, apparently, it can be done.

A real keeper in the collection.

Thank you Amy.

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