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(#989) Amy K (Los Angeles, CA)
1/27/1999 in Brentwood, CA  EVENT: Pacific Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 15 years since 10/31/83, born 1968 in Hollywood, raised in Santa Monica she was 14 when she got sober - fully qualified

Mom and Dad in the program. Amy smoked pot at 6 years old, inhaled PAM at 8 and was drinking at 11.

She blacked out from the first time. She would wait outside liquor stores to find someone to buy for her.

Since she looked old enough, she dressed up to go into bars. Jailed twice for alcohol - lived in an abandon school for a while.

Scanlaous with low self-esteem, she came into AA through rehab.

Sponsored by Karen G.(also on WeJoy). Married to Charles. 2 daughters.

(31 min) (21.5 MB) (id#989)