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(#4413) Amy M (Smyrna, GA)
6/15/2023 in Holly Springs, GA  EVENT: Holly Springs Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 17 years since 6/20/2005, Amy grew up in an alcoholic household.

Her dad drank, was from a family of depressives, but her mom was the alcoholic (who later came into AA).

There was fighting and violence, but that was normal for Amy.

She started drinking at 13, married a bartender, lived the party life in Atlanta and had a great time.

And, then it started going downhill.

Towards the end, she was always hung over, drinking, or passed out.

She walks through how each Step helped her find a design for living that really works.

(49 min) (11.4 MB) (id#4413)