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(#214) Allyn S (Glenview, IL)
7/20-23/1995 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 20th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 14 years since 12/25/1980, Allyn was recently married to a non-alcoholic attending his first event and hearing her speak for the first time. She grew up in Glenview, IL to where she has recently returned. Her church going family gave her a foundation that would later awaken in the program. She realizes today that it was not the things that happened in her family but the way she reacted - that she took everything personally. She describes herself as thin-skinned. Her first drink was on Christmas break from religious boarding school given to her by her dad. She had to wait til college to drink the way she wanted. By the time she was a junior blacking out and as a senior she was in depression. She decided to become a nurse. She got the notion that to be happy she needed to change her circumstances and thus started a series of geographics.

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