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(#1172) Valerie B, Mike M (Atlanta and Columbus, GA)
October 1968 in Jekyll Island, GA  EVENT: 15th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: Alateen, Both, Story, Historical

AREA 16 Archives - Early Alateen Meeting

This is the full meeting with the Voice of the Convention, Invocation and Readings because how it was done back then may be of interest historically.

Voice: Ray S (AA), Statesboro, GA

Chair: Don C (Alateen)-Statesboro GA

Readers: Katy P (Alateen)-Columbus GA and Laura E-(Alateen)-Augusta GA

1st Speaker: Valerie B (Alateen), Atlanta, GA - 17 years old - Her mother is her qualifier

2nd Speaker: Mike M (Alateen), Columbus, GA - 1 year in the program - His father is his qualifier

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