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(#1915) Zack B (ALT), Hella R (AFG) (Atlanta, GA and Winchester, VA)
8/5/2017 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 42nd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Alateen-Al-Anon, Both, Story

Alateen and Al-Anon Combined Event

In Alateen some 9 years, Zach was born in England. His parents are his qualifiers. He is a momma's boy and not afraid to admit it.

He has an image of his father grabbing his mother by the hair and throwing her down the stairs.

He was sent away to England to stay with his grandparents for two months but that turned into two years.

His mom came into recovery and her sponsor told her to take him to Alateen at Peachford when he was nine. He felt the love there and learned facts about the disease.

The fellowship and the Program have helped him learn to be optimistic and love himself.

Hella came to Al-Anon 12 years before around 1/2/2005, maybe.

"I didn't drink and I still don't remember a lot...I just tuned it out. Didn't like it? Zip-Zap-Zoom gone. Memory erased. That's how I functioned for most of my life. I'm uncomfortable; I don't like what's happening here? Erase. It's not happening. I'm fine. Life is good...until it catches up with you...It works for a while."

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