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(#91) Ajit S. (Irvine, CA)
10/23/2004 in Jekyll Island, GA  EVENT: 51st Georgia State Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

Funny speaker. Ajit is not sure when he came to Al-anon (circa 1980) but knows exactly when his qualifier came into AA.

Born in India and moved to Detroit. A drinking woman made his evening quicker and cheaper.

Married a polish alcoholic waitress working her way through nursing school.Her bathroom became her bar.

If its a behavior he tends to obsess on it. "We move in the direction of our dominant thoughts".

In the beginning he talked a good program but then got back to the fundamentals.

His response to alcoholism is his problem not alcoholism.

His wife discovered she had been molested as a child and the intimacy was gone.

After 17 years she filed for divorce and he hired a "barracuda" lawyer but sponsorship and the program came to the rescue.

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