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AAI65-Canada Panel
Total time across all 3 files is 3.2 hours.
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AAI65-Canada Panel - Walk Through The Steps with Bill W

AA International - Toronto 1965, Bill W is presented with a gift of appreciation from Canadian AA that he accepts and then discusses how Anonymity and Humility come together in times like these.

Then the Chair asks one member from each Province and Territory in Canada to share on a Step.

Very interesting and historical.

Very good clarity on the recording with occasional issues but all understandable.

(#2328) Canada Panel - 1 (NY, BC, PEI)
7/3/1965 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 1965  TYPE: AA, Both, Steps, Historical

PART 1 - Bill W and Steps 1 and 2

Chair: Bill
Presentation of plaque to Bill W of Beford Hills, NY and his talk on Anonymity and Humility

Step 1-Donna D-Center Group, New Westminister, BC

Step 2-Ralph P-Parktown Group, Charlottetown, PEI

(1 hr 3 min) (10.9 MB) (id#2328)