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WOW! What an amazing panel especially for AA history buffs. And the sharing from the floor after the speakers (CD2) is by members from the UK, Ireland, Brussels Belgium, Germany and the US. Powerful messages in their own right.

Chair: Phyllis M-NY-GSO-Volunteer

1st speaker: Erick of Olympia, WA. He is sober 43 years since 12/24/1951. Erick describes the first six Warranties. He was there as a Delegate when the Warranties were voted in. He said Bill gave the shortest talk ever. He got up and just said "Thank you."

2nd Speaker: Diane recent past Delegate-San Mateo, CA. She discusses how the meaning has changed as women have come into the program.

3rd Speaker: Searcy W-TX. Searcy has been to all 10 Internationals to date. He describes working directly with Bill W. and Dr. Bob to get the Traditions passed in Cleveland in 1950. He shares from experience what it was like before the Traditions, Concepts and the Warranties of Article 12 and why we need them so desperately.

(#784) Warranties (NY,WA,CA,TX)
7/2/1995 in San Diego, CA  EVENT: AA International 1995  TYPE: AA, Both, Historical, Traditions

The Speakers

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