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(#2547) Loaners and Internationalists (Around the World)
7/4/1975 in Denver, CO  EVENT: AA International 1975  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI75-Loaners and Internationalists

Chair Midge from GSO calls on 12 members from around the world:

Capt Jack S-ME 10/20/1947 meeting with Bill W,
Lighthouse John C,
Larry M-NY,
Cliff S-Internationalists,
Sailor Tom-Brooklyn, NY,
Dr Joe-Bombay India
Jack M-New Zealand
Barbara P-NJ - Loaner Sponsor
Bob-Hamburg Germany
Vern-Malaysia from Canada

7/4-Fri 9am - Conference Room G, Floor 2

(1 hr 21 min) (14 MB) (id#2547)