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(#2376) Akathon 10 am (NY,BC,WI,IA)
July 1975 in Denver, CO  EVENT: AA International 1975  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI75-Alkathon 10 am

A chair and three other members share their experience:

Chair: Lawrence V-Cedar Rapids, IA

Jackie S-New York, NY-7 years since 1968 - Too fearful to cross the street, toward the end she was out at the super busy intersection of 37th Street and Queens Ave directing traffic - smashed.

Pat O-Vancouver, BC-sober 19 years since 7/19/1955 after 30 years of drinking - past delegate:
"I didn't know what you had but I knew what I had which was the most nothing of everything plus about a thousand defects of character most of which I still have."

Clarence T of Wisconsin - sober 21 years he originally came to AA in 1946.

Lawrence V-Cedar Rapids, IA first meeting 1944 where he was given a written examination which did NOT qualify him for AA.(incomplete)

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