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(#2323) A.A. and the Medical Profession (QB,GA,NY)
7/3/1965 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 1965  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

AAI65-A.A. and the Medical Profession

A Chair and three Medical Doctors share on AA as it relates to the medical profession:

Chair: Dr. Harry Tiebot, first psychiatrist to incorporate AA into his treatment plan and AA non-alcoholic (Class A) Trustee on the General Service Board.

Dr. Alexander S. McPhearson from Montreal Quebec Canada (non-alcoholic) - commenting on a recently published book by another physician who was critical of AA and had appeared in numerous magazines and on TV shows. The AA community was somewhat angry over it.

Dr. John M an AA member from Statesboro, GA and later founder of Willingway, a treatment facility in his home town, that was still in business in 2018.

Dr. Marvin A. Block from Buffalo, NY - a non-alcoholic and friend of Dr. Tiebot. Dr. Block had been a long time and early practitioner in the alcoholism treatment field.

Excellent quality recording with very interesting content - much of which still applies today.

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