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(#2305) Al-Anon Step Meeting (NY,TX,Unkown)
7/2/1955 in St. Louis, MO  EVENT: AA International 1955  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Workshop, Steps, Story, Historical

AAI55 - Al-Anon Step Meeting

Held in tandem with the 2nd AA International in St. Louis, MO in July 1955, this is a fascinating piece of Al-Anon history combined with some excellent discussions of the Steps in their own right.

A Chair and six pioneering Al-Anon members share their experience:

Chair: Dot L (AFG) from NY - Headquarters' volunteer

Helen R (AFG) - Bill W's sister (surprise!)

Jean B (AFG) from NY - Headquarters' volunteer

Myrtle M (AFG) from Colorado City, TX

Elenore A (AFG) from NY

Ann B (AFG) from NY (1st AFG Volunteer)


(1 hr 35 min) (16.3 MB) (id#2305)