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(#1413) Varieties of Spritual Experience (CA,HI,TX)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI15-Varieties of Spritual Experience

Three speakers with a combined 71 years of sobriety sharing on the topic (the Chair is not on the recording):

Chair: David E-MA

Susanne W-CA-27 years-7/8/1987 - raised Catholic she did not need Step 2 because she had that already

Vernon G-HI-27 years-12/26/1988 - A past Delegate, this sharing is different than he has ever done. He was one of the survivors of the Jim Jones cult - shot three times and left for dead in 1978 in the jungle outside Jonestown, Guyana. His son was not so lucky. Vernon has delved into many forms of spirituality before and after getting sober.

Mimi S-TX-17 years-12/17/1998 - She got sober as an 18 year old atheist after coming in and out of many institutions - her first Higher Power she named Sydney after Sid Vicious. She grew up in a psychopathic home. She tells a wonderful story at the end of her talk - stick around for it.

Held in the Omni Grand Ballroom starting at 3:30 pm - the last session on the first day of the Convention.

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