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(#1367) A.A. as a Resource for Professionals (ON,MA,GA)
7/4/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Story

AAI15-A.A. as a Resource for Professionals

A Chair and three non-alcoholic professionals sharing their experience partnering with AA to promote recovery in and through their organizations.

There are also questions and comments from the audience followed by responses from the speakers and Chair.

Chair: Frances L. Brisbane, Ph.D. - NY

Debbie Bang, Manager, Womankind Addiction Service,
Men's Addiction Service
Hamilton, Eating Disorder Program - ON

John A. Renner, Jr., MD, Prof. of Psychiatry,
Boston University School of Medicine,
Associate Chief of Psychiatry,
VA Boston Healthcare System - MA

Lisa Tolmich Haughey, Reentry Coordinator
Georgia Department of Corrections - GA

Held on the 2nd day of the convention starting at 1:30 PM in room A3 - one of the biggest meeting halls.

(1 hr 4 min) (14.8 MB) (id#1367)