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(#1697) Growth Through the Tenth Step (TX,Barbados,MO)
7/4/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI15-Growth Through the Tenth Step

A Chair and three members with 85 years combined sobriety sharing on the topic:

Chair: Barbara S from Indiana

Karen K from Midland Texas and Iron Mountain Michigan - Sober 38 years since 2/14/1977 - She now looks like a librarian but came into the Program tending bar in a seedy part of town.

Tony H from Pennsylvania and Barbados - Sober 34 years since 8/7/1980 - his growth came from ALL the Steps not just step 10.

Jack Q - Joplin, MO - 13 years since 10/15/2001 - he came from a manufacturing background - fast paced and hard core. He worked and played hard. So he has had to use the 10th Step often.

Held starting at 3:30 pm in room B405-407 of the World Congress Center

(56 min) (12.9 MB) (id#1697)