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(#1695) Gratitude in Your Attitude (AZ,OH,South Africa)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI15-Gratitude in Your Attitude

A Chair and three members with 73 years of combined sobriety, sharing on the topic:

Chair: Janet N from Illinois

Leonard D from Arizona - Sober 31 years since 2/2/1984, he has been to 7 AA Internationals.
"The worst mistake you can make is to pay attention to the wrong people."
And he did that before and after he got sober. A real fan of Po Boy R. from GA. Leonard has a photographic memory of the Big Book including the number of words on every page.

Kristi H from Athens, OH - Sober 13 years since 7/23/2001. Current Delegate Area 53. Raised in a poor and violent home. She took to school to escape. Just before her first drink she was awarded the highest honor awarded for a student from the Optimist Club. She read the Optimist Creed and then shared that after 17 years of drinking she was anything but an optimist.

Calvin E-South Africa-29 years since 8/23/1985. He only drank three times but each time lasted for years.

Held starting at 1:30pm in room A301 of the World Congress Center

Read the Optimists Creed

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