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(#1379) First Things First (NY,NC,United Kingdom)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI15-First Things First

A Chair and three speaker with 100 years combined sobriety sharing on the importance of the concept behind this slogan to the maintenance of long term sobriety:

Chair: Jimmy D of Texas

Nestor Z of New York - sober 36 years since 1/6/1979. He came in first in 1956, stayed 4 months and left because he was too young.
His name is part Greek, Jewish and Mexican and he is Puerto Rican.

Beth H of North Carolina - sober 27 years since 6/26/1988 at age 29.
Got sober in Cincinnati.
Her dad got sober when she was 7.
Beth came into AA many times just to stay out of jail.
She came to stay when she ran out of plans.

Geoff H of the United Kingdom - sober 35 years since 11/4/1979, a nurse by profession, he does lots of Public Information work as part of his service in sobriety.
He begins everyday with meditation.
His brother drank himself into alcoholic dementia. Geoff is responsible now for his brother's affairs.
He shares how his relationship with his wife has changes over the years.

Held on the 1st day of the convention starting at 9 am in one of the biggest meeting rooms - A1 of the World Congress Center.

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