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(#878) Closing Big Meeting (CT,GA,BC)
7/5/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

Closing Meeting

The most requested of all the session recordings at the International in Atlanta, many chose not to attend for various reasons.

It started with a ceremony giving the 35th millionth copy of the Big Book to the Sisters of Charity of Saint Augustine - the order to which Sister Ignatia belonged while she was helping Dr. Bob sober up drunks in Akron and Cleveland, OH.

Amalia C of CT followed with a heartfelt share.

Jason S of GA followed. I was curious when I first saw his name on the program. I know many active AA's in Georgia but could not place Jason. I asked the co-chair of the volunteer committee (a past Delegate from Georgia - Area 16). He had not met Jason either.

Jason is an Inmate Firefighter in a Georgia Department of Corrections facility. I know of no other case at a roundup or AA convention where an inmate was allowed out to share their story from the podium.

Nervous at first but with the crowd enthusiastically cheering him on, Jason gave one of the most moving shares I have ever witnessed or heard. It happened to also be his 4th AA birthday.

Trish L of British Columbia, Canada spoke 3rd and was also well received.

The final piece is a looking ahead to 2020 in Detroit, MI - a city revitalizing itself. It looks like they will be ready for us.

NOTE: Takes two CDs to hold the full recording. The first 18 tracks - start through the end of Jason's talk - fit on CD #1.

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