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(#1685) The Big Book: Sharing our Experience (NJ,MN,GA)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

AAI15-The Big Book: Sharing our Experience

A Chair and three members with over 80 years of sobriety sharing on the topic:

Chair: Morgan J from Maryland - Past Delegate, Area Archivist, was Delegate the year the 4th Edition was approved

Jimmy A from New Jersey - sober over 20 years - stopped drinking at 29 years old, did not know what a Big Book was until 5 years in the Program. At 5 to 10 years sober he took his will back and suffered from untreated Alcoholism. At 10 years he ordered a drink but had it pulled by an AA member bartender. "The Book is not the treasure, it is the map." Area Alternate Chair.

Gary "Bucky" M from Minnesota - sober 34 years since 6/15/1981. He came in through Al-Anon, also took years before falling in love with the Big Book.

Ron G of Georgia - sober 29 years since 6/14/1986, on the Area 16 Communications committee, in an out years before he got desperate and landed in a group that did recovery by the Book.

Held starting at 11am in room B312-314 of the World Congress Center

The Big Book: Sharing Our Experience 2010 - San Antonio, TX

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