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(#1375) Anonymity-Our Spiritual Foundation (NM,WI,CO)
7/4/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI15-Anonymity-Our Spiritual Foundation

A Chair and three speakers with 84 years of combined sobriety sharing on the topic of anonymity as it relates to our spiritual foundation:

Chair: Nisaa A of New York

Tom U of New Mexico - sober 29 years since 6/15/1986 - "I was told early on you don't BE grateful you DO grateful."

Nancy G of Wisconsin - sober 28 years since 7/28/1986 - she came in catatonic and hid out in AA.
"I came to understand that there was much more to the concept of anonymity than simply not using my last name."

Beth G of Colorado - sober 27 years since 9/15/1987 at her first International.
Speaking of being with over 50,000 fellow AAs in the Georgia Dome, Beth said,
"Last night I felt so beautifully, perfectly small."

Held on the 2nd day of the convention starting at 9am in the Omni Hotel Grand Ballroom.

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