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(#2081) Humor and Recovery (AFG) (??,AL,CA)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

AAI15-AFG-Humor and Recovery

A chair and three members share on the topic:

Geneva D (AFG)-20+ years.

"When you learn to laugh at yourself you will never run out of material...and people don't have to pretend that I'm perfect."

Corrie L (AFG)-Montgomery, AL- 16 years since 9/18/1998 when 2 years married.

Veronica P (AFG)-San Francisco, CA-10 years in the Program since age 26. Learned how to laugh from the Alateens. She describes telling a joke at an Al-Anon meeting as,

"You explain the joke, then you tell it, then you explain it again."

She does stand-up comedy at Al-Anon events.

Chair (name unknown) from Sunset Beach, CA shares for 5 minutes at the end.

Held starting at noon in Atrium 601

(1 hr 11 min) (16.3 MB) (id#2081)