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(#1406) Twelfth-Stepping the Old-Fashioned Way (NY,MB,ON)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI15-Twelfth-Stepping the Old Fashioned Way

A Chair and three speakers with over 132 years of combined sobriety shaing on the topic:

Chair: Pat F - Current Delegate from Pennsylvania

Kenneth S of New York - Sober 60 years since 9/7/1954. Preferred cheap Port Wine at 37 cents a pint - drank for 8 years. Met Liz B who is still alive at the time of this posting, when she was 2 years sober and was sponsored by her. He still loves sky diving at his age. Cool.

Jo-Anne L of Manitoba Canada - Sober 30 years since 7/20/1984 - not the first time she came into AA - the first opportunity could have been in the middle 60s in a mental hospital at age 16 and then in 1979. Past Delegate and past Turstee at large who helped start AA in Mongolia.

Eric S of Mississauga, Ontario - Sober 42 years since 7/30/1972 - drank for 20 years and was not a discerning drinker - arrived through the intervention of a doctor

Held on the first day of the Convention starting at 1:30 pm in room B206 of the World Congress Center.

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