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(#1669) Around the World Call Up II (The World)
7/3/2010 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: AA International 2010  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI10-Around the World Call Up II

Chair: Don M from New Orleans, LA - AA General Service Board Trustee at Large - United States

The format of this meeting is quite unique. The chair calls on members in the audience from all around the world to share what it was like to get and stay sober in different lands and cultures. It is traditionally held in a large room that is always packed.

In the first part the chair pre-selects members to share and then asks for volunteers:

Esa (male) from Finland
Veta from Hungary
Molly from Haiti
Valerie from GSO World Services
Mikala from Slovakia
Roland from Germany
Ron P from Peru
Carlos from Bolivia
John from Ireland
Steve on Far Eastern Russia

Held in Hall D starting at 3:30pm

(1 hr 19 min) (9.1 MB) (id#1669)