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(#548) Unity-The Most Cherished Quality (VT,BC,WY,MD)
7/3/2010 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: AA International 2010  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI10-Unity-The Most Cherished Quality

One of the better sessions of the 2010 International.

A Chair and three members share on the topic:

Jacki P. of Vermont as Chairperson

Viki E. from British Columbia - Sober 34 years since 12/29/1975, she gives a very solid talk with great examples from her Area service experience. She also hints at something I never consciously realized: Unity starts inside me when what I should do, want to do and can do get closer together.

Kim G. from Wyoming - Sober 11 years since 5/3/1999, Kim is fast talking, funny with a passion for this Program and how her sponsor taught her Unity through simple acts of service. She also shares how she has reconnected in five cities in the last 11 years.

Stu B. from Maryland - Sober 44 years since 3/12/1966 at age 25, he is the old-timer on the panel at age 70. Funny and fast talking, he shares from his vast experience.

Held in Room 008 starting at 3:00 pm for approximately 20 minutes each.

Listen to the same topic at the 2005 International:

Unity-The Most Cherished Quality 2005 Toronto

(1 hr 16 min) (8.7 MB) (id#548)