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(#300) Pioneers in A.A. (NY, FL, OH, NY)
7/3/2010 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: AA International 2010  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI10-Pioneers in A.A.

A Chair and three Pioneer members share their long experience and passion for AA:

Susan U of New York Chairperson

Tommie D of FL 1st speaker was one of the twelve people attending Ebbie Thatcher's funeral. She new Bill and Lois well and spent time at Stepping Stones and did her fifth step in the car with Bill and Lois on that trip to the funeral.

Mel B of OH 2nd speaker is the principle author of the Official AA Biography of Bill W Pass It On. He also knew Bill and Lois and is a source of great information about the history of AA.

Liz B of NY 3rd speaker is one of the real characters in AA - which is saying a lot!

At the end two other Pioneers in the audience were invited to speak.

Held in Hall D starting at 1:30 pm . Each speaker speaks for approximately 20 minutes.

Note: I attended this session. It is one of the great memories in my short time in the Program.

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