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(#2314) A.A. in Cyberspace: Carrying the Message (FL,CA,CA)
7/2/2010 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: AA International 2010  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

AAI10-A.A. in Cyberspace: Carrying the Message

Chair: Chuck G from California

Diego A from Orlando, FL - Sober 3 years since 3/5/2007. Photographer and Webmaster for FCYPAA

Doug R-Tujunga, CA - Sober 23 years since 6/7/1987

Michael B from California - Sober 30+ years - a recovering techno-geek since the 1970's
FANTASTIC History of AA online that he lived through.

  • Participant in Recovery BBS in early 1980's the first online meeting started by Bob K of San Francisco just out of treatment.
  • Michael was a founder of Recovery Echo BBS in 1986 that was the first online meeting to have a GSO number.
  • Led in 1990 the first AA International meeting topic focused on online AA - fire marshal had to clear the room due to too many people.

Each spoke for less than 15 minutes which allowed over 30 minutes sharing from the floor.

Held starting at 3:30pm in HBGCC RM 007

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