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(#1181) A Newcomer Asks (ID,NY,ON)
July 2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI05-A Newcomer Asks

Three speakers sharing on the topic

The Chairperson did not show ... funny, actually, they keep asking "Were's Fred?" and "Are you Fred?"

Jim from Idaho - steps up to Chair as well

Barbara F of Manhattan New York - sober 13 years since April 1992

Pat P of Ontario - sober 45 years since 9/14/1959

Then two share from the floor:

Phil and
David with 4 months from London, UK

Here the same topic from the 2010 AA International in San Antonio, TX

Here the same topic from the 2015 AA International in Atlanta, GA

(1 hr 15 min) (8.6 MB) (id#1181)