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(#1747) Lawyers in A.A. (Session 1) (MA,ON,PEI)
7/1/2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

AAI05-Lawyers in A.A. (Session 1)

A Chair and three members who practice law share their experience, strength and hope:

Chair: Ely G from California - sober 29 years

John H from Massachusetts - sober 30 years since 2/28/1975. Born Boston Irish Catholic - his father got sober in 1930. John was the "non-father" of 6 who did not get arrested because he drank with the cops. He came into AA, living alone because he wanted to know more about alcoholism for a client.

John from Ontario - He came to his first AA meeting at age 23 but did not get sober until age 52. In the end, having the DTs, he had removed or covered up the mirrors in the house "because I hated myself."

Bernart from Prince Edward Island - sober 23 years since 8/10/1981 when he went to Chit-Chat Farms in Pennsylvania.

Listen to Session 2 on WeJoy:

Lawyers in AA Session 2 - Toronto - 2005

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