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(#2064) Celebrating Sobriety (FL,N. Ireland,TN,NV)
7/2/2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

Celebrating Sobriety

A Chair and four members share on the topic:

Chair: Brent B from Austin, TX Panel 54 Delegate

Cheryl L from Florida - sober 23 years since 7/11-12/1981 (celebrates her last drink and 1st day sober) 2 children and 2 divorces by age 25. Sent to AA by her therapist. 1st meeting in New Haven, CT

Collie G from Belamina, N. Ireland - sober 31 years since 2/21/1974 when he attended his first meeting. Those who get sober in February are the last of the Christmas runts. Came to Toronto with his 3rd wife.

Bruce H from Tennessee - 1 year sober - Was invited to speak at the International after a face to face with Doug, the speaker booker, during a visit to GSO in New York

Bob D from Las Vegas, NV - sober 26 years since 10/31/1978 - appears many times on WeJoy. I played guitar with Bob one time. He truly belongs in the Program based on just the lyrics to a song he wrote about his ex-wife.

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