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(#2038) Came to Believe (CA,MI,NY)
7/2/2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI05-Came to Believe

A Chair and three members with over 90 years combined sobriety share on the topic:

Chair: Dave R from Negaunee, MI - sober 30 years since 3/9/1975

Joe G from San Diego, CA - sober 28 years since 5/21/1977. He is a Psychiatric Nurse and Daily drinker who got sober in Pennsylvania.

Karen K from Kalamazoo, MI - sober 15 years since 1/4/1990

Bob O from Rockland, NY - sober 17 years since Feb 1988. Originally from the Bronx. He was in Broadcasting and Advertising. His sponsor told him:

"Don't drink, go to meetings and listen for the pop." Bob asked, "What pop?... The sound when your head comes out of your ass."

He worked on a psyche ward while drinking. He knew he was crazy like them but he had a key.

He reads a nice poem his daughter wrote:

"People in their seats.
Voices of despair.
Obstacles to be beat.
Smoke fills the air.
How did it happen?
Stories to be told.
Listen attentively.
Their lives they unfold.
They gather together
With hope to be free.
They lean on each other
for that is the key.
Anonymous they remain
Each battling to sustain
For that is their fame."

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