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(#1998) A.A. in Asia-Oceania Zone (Australia, Japan, India, Thailand)
July 2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Both, Story, Historical

AAI05-AA in Asia-Oceania Zone


A very knowledgeable Chairperson and three founding members of AA in their countries share their pioneering stories.

There are 4.7 billion people in the Zone. If 10%, or 470 million, have a problem with alcohol, then that means there is lots of work to do there and very few members, so far, to carry it forward. Even 1% would be 47 million!

Chair: Ann-Australia - GSO Asia/Oceania

Takayuk H. from Japan-26 years since 1979. World Service Delegate in 1986 and 1988. Co-Founder Asia/Oceania Zone Meeting

Varsu from Chennai India - Traveled 7,000 miles across the USA by Amtrak to get to Toronto. AA got started in India, May 1957, when a Canadian Embassy staff member in New Delhi helped a teacher, Harold M., get sober.

Bill from Thailand-sober 23 years since 12/7/1981 in Munich Germany. He was the flag bearer for Thailand at this event. Thailand has had active AA since the early 1970's but only in 2004 did a country wide service structure begin.

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