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(#1547) A.A. and Treatment Facilities (Turkey,CA,China)
July 2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: Other, Both, Workshop

AAI05-A.A. and Treatment Facilities

A non-alcoholic Chairperson, Class-A Trustee, and three professionals from around the world, sharing their experience on the topic interspersed with questions and comments from the audience. EXCELLENT:

Chair: Tom Kramer-Regional Class-A Trustee-Western Canada

Dr. Levit "Tokutobu"- Izmir, Turkey

Dr. Georgie Stephano, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), (female) Executive Director San Diego State University D.U.I Program

Dr. Guo S. from China (also AA member), currently working for the Community Addiction Management Program, Woodbridge Hospital, Singapore and living in Beijing, China

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2010 - AA and Trenment Facilities

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